2018.02.15. változott Xylella fastidiosa gazdanövény köre. Növényútlevelet már az új lista szerint kell kiállítani.


  • The European Commission has released the update of host plants of Xylella fastidiosa  (update 10).

Please find attached the document, with last changes highlighted. The new plants added to host list are:

–            Calicotome spinosa

–            Coronilla glauca

–            Euryops chrysanthemoides

–            Genista lucida

–            Juglans regia

–            Medicago sativa

–            Prunus cerasus


All host plants must move with a Plant Passport within the EU.

  • Please find also attached the Commission database of Xylella validated diagnostic tests.

Please remember that from today 1 March 2018:

  • all nurseries must have the Coffea, Lavandula dentata, Nerium oleander, Olea europaea, Polygala myrtifolia and Prunus dulcis in production sampled and tested before trading them.
  • all nurseries, wholesalers and retailers must keep records, for at least 3 years, of each lot of plants of Coffea, Lavandula dentata, Nerium oleander, Olea europaea, Polygala myrtifolia and Prunus dulcis that arrives or departs from their facilities, including the details of the supplier or the professional customer.



How widespread is Xylella in Europe?


XF-actors Project:

  • A summary of the EU directives and FR, IT, ES, UK national regulations issued to fight the spread of Xylella in Europe is available on the XFactors website.


  • The XF-ACTORS website and social media accounts have published a news related to the statement issued by ENA on Xylella after the General Assembly. 

Website: http://bit.ly/2EZPiqL

Facebook: http://bit.ly/2t3uxoo

Twitter: http://bit.ly/2oFrGwi

EFSA: Recent pest categorisations published:

  • Pest categorisation of Bretziella fagacearum (former species name: Ceratocystis fagacearum)


  • Pest categorisation of Anisogramma anomala (pest of Corylus spp.)


  • Pest categorisation of Aschistonyx eppoi (pest of Juniperus)


You may find Xylella news, updated every 15 minutes, at the site http://medisys.newsbrief.eu/medisys/alertedition/en/XylellaFastidiosa-PHT.html

Kind regards,

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ENA – European Nurserystock Association | Denen 157 | 9080 Lochristi (Belgium) EU



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